Purchasing your home

Congratulations on wanting to buy your new home! Whether you are a first, or second-time homebuyer, Moneyline Funding, Inc. offers an array of mortgage loan services! We will be happy to assist you throughout the process of your homebuying journey!

Good or Bad Credit? We Will Work With You!

Excellent, Good, Average, Fair & Poor credit programs available. We’re here to help make your dreams come true. You deserve to be treated fairly, in a way that cuts through all the complications, and helps you accomplish your financial goals!

Determine Your Buying Power

When searching for your next home, it is important to know how much money you can borrow. Use the mortgage calculator below to calculate how much it will take to afford your next home! 

Get Pre-Approved

At this step, it is important to start working with an experienced loan officer to help you get pre-approved for a loan at the best rate. You will need to provide your financial information, and they will inform the price range of the homes to look at.

Find Your Next Dream Home

Once you have a pre-approval letter in hand, it is now time to go house hunting for your perfect home. It is better to go with a capable realtor that can offer more options, some that may not be accessible to the public, and offer an easier home buying experience! When the right house comes along, you will know it is the one!


In these uncertain times, financing can be very intimidating and scary. Working with our experienced loan officers will help ease your concerns. Our loan officers strive for professionalism. Their impeccable knowledge of the real estate financing industry complemented by the ultimate in customer service assures client confidence in both the process and its outcome!

Appraise The Home

After your financing is secure, the lender will need the value of the home to see if the purchase is at a fair price. They hire a third party appraisal company to appraise the value of the home based on a number of different factors, and this will determine if the value of the home matches or exceeds the amount on the loan given.

Closing the Sale

At this point, the lender will arrange for the title company to handle the paperwork involved in the purchase of your home. This will ensure the seller is the rightful owner of the house you are purchasing. Once everything is sorted out, both parties will sign the documents and ensure the transaction is legally-binding and complete. Once the funds are transferred to the seller you are now a new homeowner. Congratulations!

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