Why Refinance?

 Many homeowners do not know how much equity is lying in their homes. Refinancing can help lower your monthly mortgage, by reducing the rate on your loan. In addition it can help you to pay off your mortgage faster. If you have PMI, it can get rid of your mortgage insurance too!

Refinancing Process

At Moneyline Funding Inc. We assist you throughout the entire refinancing process. While it may be overwhelming to some, we take the stress out, and want to answer all of your questions.  We ensure to get you the lowest refinancing rate, and the best service!

What are your financial goals?

Let us help by making refinancing simple. By consulting with one of our loan officers they will help get you situated.

Knowing your credit score

Gathering a copy of your credit history and credit score will help in knowing what refinancing options are available to you. Typically the better your credit score is, the better rate that is offered. However credit score is not the only factor!

Home value

Knowing your home’s current value plays a key factor in displaying what options are available for refinancing your mortgage. If you have positive equity in your home, you are eligible to refinance your home!

Finding your all-in cost

Just like purchasing a house, refinancing comes with fees. Determining the total cost, with fees associated will allow you to determine if refinancing is right for you.

When is a good time to lock in your rate?

Consulting with your lender will help determine when to lock in your rate. Locking in your rate means the rate offered will not change during a specified period before closing.

Rates available today!

Consulting with one of our loan officers will help you get started in finding the best option for your financial situation. You may be able to reduce your monthly payment, or tap into some home equity!

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