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Do you have a home to sell in the SoCal area? We are interested in acquiring properties for cash! Learn more about Seven Palms Real Estate below!

About Seven Palms Real Estate Services

Seven Palms Real Estate Services is another association of Moneyline Funding Inc. We strive to assist the homeowner, throughout the selling process. While this is a more unconventional method, we are able to close out deals and offer all cash for these homes. If you are looking to sell your home quickly, we are interested in buying your home for cash!


We inform our clients throughout the entire process of this type of sale. We come out and assess the home, to determine a fair market value price. Since we cut out the middle man, this allows for a more seamless transaction between the homeowner and us. We look for many different types of properties. Yours can be next!


We maintain efficiency, by streamlining the process. In doing so, we are able to close out sales much faster than if you were to list it through a realtor or on your own to sell the home!


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